Intercranial Hypertension


Back in 2012 Holly was diagnosed with Intercranial Hypertension also called Psuedotumor Cerebri. In her words;

“This disease has no cure. It causes severe migraines, vision changes, ocular migraines, pressure in the head, etc. She’s been on numerous migraine medications none which help. On September 2, 2016 she had to have a shunt placement in the right part of her  head that left her with three incisions in her head and one in her stomach. A shunt placement in her head and a tube that leads down into her stomach. The neurosurgeon was supposed to put the shunt in the lower part of her head but had to put it in through the top of her head because there was very little space in the lower part of her head which would make the surgery very difficult. This lead to over half of her hair being shaved off. She had been growing her hair out for over 3 years. A little over a week after the surgery she made the decision to shave the rest of her hair off and start this new journey. She, finds herself to be a warrior of this disease and I couldn’t agree with her more!”

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