How can you get my personal hair dimensions through the mail?

The answer to this question comes in two parts. The first part to your question is we now have 50 years of experience doing hair replacement systems. The second part of your question is that we have developed a custom fitting kit that consists of all of the tools and examples necessary to show you all of your options for making your custom hair replacement system.


Density Guides: shows hair in various thicknesses
Wave and Curl Guide: Straight to Afro hair and in between
Hair Color Ring: Various Colors for choosing hair color (or you can send us a sample of your hair or a spare hair system)

Cast Mold Kit: Gives us the shape of your head
Frontal Guides: Gives us the frontal recession of your hairline

Hair Sample Trimmer: Convenient way to take your own hair samples

Tape Measure: Cloth measuring tape used to accurately measure contours, etc.

Step By Step Instructions and Order Form
Not only will this give us the necessary specifications for your personal hair replacement system it will also tell us how to cut and style the hair system before we mail it to you. Ofcourse if you would like it uncut we can send it to you that way also.

How can you charge such low prices for the same system I now pay $1600.00 for?

We are able to do hair on a worldwide basis out of location where other retail chains have more costly overhead such as very high rent. Some retailers are overcompensated or just charge too much-period!

If I send in a favorite hair piece, can you duplicate it?

That is no problem. Put us to the test. Send us a unit and we will manufacture a clone for you at our low price.

How can you send me a hair system through the mail that is all ready cut and styled and ready to wear?

Together, you and a representative of Hair Direct Express will discuss the style and hair length options. Once this is determined, your hair goes into our precision cutting program, where it is cut accordingly. We are generally within a 16th inch of accuracy. Of course with our technique, your system will always come out the same, unless you change the specifications.

Can I order from you and let my stylist cut my hair in?

Sure. We can get your unit ordered in any style and length you specify.

What are the advantages of ordering hair systems through the mail?

We believe INDEPENDENCE is the best incentive to try our product. You have control of when you take your unit off and when you put it on. You save money and time by not having to take time off for appointments, which some HDE customers have to drive over an hour to get to a retail store. You never have to worry about getting an appointment before you go on vacation, you have the know all to take care of your system and attach it yourself. You will have access to bonding supplies wholesale. You will finally know the freedom and when you want to reorder, we are only a phone call away. We will continue to send you newsletters to update you on the latest developments in hair and bonding. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

What do you have for women?

We can help women as well, depending on the nature of the hair loss. We have hair addition products, integration products, as well as full caps and wiglets. Call today to discuss what best suits your particular hair loss needs.

How long does it take?

The time varies for the delivery of hair replacement systems. Stocks can typically be delivered within 1 week, and even overnight! Custom Hair Replacement systems take 4-6 weeks, and full caps or hair system that are labor intensive may take 8-10 weeks. Please allow ample time for your order to be completed.

May I see before & after photos of your clients?

Certainly! We service a clientele of proud hair replacement system wearers, however, our units are so undetectable, many have family members, friends, and even spouses who have no idea they wear hair. We have many photos our customers have allowed us to release by email, however, do you really want your “secret” out for everyone on the internet? We like to maintain your privacy.

Do you make custom hair replacement systems for all nationalities?

Yes, some people have straight hair, some have tight curly hair…some people need a light base, some a dark base…some tan…whatever the custom needs, any ethnicity, any place in the world, we understand the specifications necessary for each segment.